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What do you get?

  • 15% commission on all sales (50% on online courses)

  • Free merch for social media activity

  • Personal coupon codes for 10% off

  • The chance to put personalized merch in our store

  • Access to an awesome online community

  • No cost or required purchase to be an affiliate!

for nerds. for you.

Don't pick any company to represent. Make sure to pick one that suites your personal brand. We are a small family company of nerds working to spread nerd culture. If that sounds like you. Join us.

listen to our affiliates

Such an incredible company! First of all their merch is super soft and high quality. Usually we have to worry if our merch can be washed on hot or not. The merch can handle anything! Second of all the community they’ve built for gamers worldwide is INCREDIBLE. This company is genuinely amazing!

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